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Behavior-based S&H Programs

Behavior, attitudes, and organizational culture all play very important roles in determining how well an organization runs. For worker safety and health, these issues are equally important. They determine if, when, and how things get accomplished. Behavior unlike attitudes and culture can be easily seen therefore, measured. Observing and understanding the behaviors in your organization provides a window into why certain things get accomplished while others do not. A positive change in behavior also impacts in a positive fashion attitudes and culture, attributes that are equally important.

We offer a number of behavioral approaches, from:

  • Behavior-based root cause incident investigations
  • Behavior-based job safety analysis
  • Behavior driven leadership
  • Traditional BBS systems consisting of Behavior analysis and behavior observation and feedback systems

Each of these approaches is designed to complement your existing processes. By understanding what triggers the undesirable behaviors and the consequences that support them and defining the desirable behaviors and supporting those with positive outcomes we can jointly create a process that systematically drives positive improvements.