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S&H Culture Assessments & Culture Change

Why would I want to know about my safety and health culture?

It’s been observed at the OSHA VPP sites and confirmed by independent research, that the development of strong safety cultures has the single greatest impact on accident reduction than any other process. It is for this single reason that the development of these cultures should be of top priority for all managers and supervisors.

Safety cultures consist of shared beliefs, values, attitudes, and practices. Culture is the atmosphere created by those same beliefs, values, and practices. They in turn shape our behavior and attitudes. Your culture can either empower your organization to create positive results or it will create negative results.

Common organizational roadblocks can consist of:

  • “It will never happen to me”
  • "What's in it for me"
  • Competing priorities
  • Overwhelmed with the workload
  • Double standards
  • Fear & lack of trust
  • Poor communication and listening skills
  • Them vs. us attitude
  • Not willing to take personal responsibility
  • Shifting blame
  • Lack of consistency & follow through - past efforts fade away 

These issues are what get in your way for everything not just safety and health performance. When present, they derail efforts to improve or change. In order to be more successful it is important to understand, what extent if any, these issues exist.

For safety and health what you want is to create is an atmosphere where:
All individuals within the organization believe they have a right to a safe and healthy environment.

Each person accepts personal responsibility for ensuring his or her own safety and health.

Everyone believes he or she has a duty to protect the safety and health of others.

CoreAdvantageSM offers customized culture assessments consisting of perception surveys that will provide key insights into the shared beliefs and values of your organization. This knowledge will allow us to structure a process whereby the identified roadblocks are replaced with positive beliefs and behaviors. A system of continuous improvement can then be created that encourages and rewards positive behavior and results while discouraging negative ones.