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Experiential Workshop

For effective adult learning to take place it requires more than just traditional classroom type lecturing. At CoreAdvantageSM we believe the more that a person has a personal experience relating to the training topic the greater the knowledge transferred and more likely that the information will be put to use back on the job.

A common challenge in teams is that people get stuck in fixed roles and styles of interaction. Being locked into limited patterns of responses and behaviors reduces the overall level of spontaneity, creativity, and productivity at work. The result all too often is tensions and conflicts.

Our SafePath exercises are metaphors for the keys to success in the workplace and our personal lives. These engaging programs are an opportunity to examine what is working and what is not and why. They give participants the permission and freedom to think and act in new ways. The programs are configured specifically for the corporate context and can be tailored specifically for your group.

"Tell me, and I will forget; Show me, and I may remember;
Involve me and I will understand..."

Example Programs:

Root Cause Incident Investigation

Participants learn how to conduct incident investigations, identify system errors that were at the root of the incident and how to also analyze human behavior; what triggers it and what supports it. From here we apply the techniques to real incidents at your own facility. We will examine the issues that are keeping you from eliminating accidents. You will also see how well your present accident investigation system is operating and what if any changes need to be made. See what participants have had to say about this workshop.

“… one of the most interesting and impactful training that I have done! For the first time I realize why we need to get the root cause piece done right and I feel I can. Thanks for a worthwhile and interesting day!”

- Supervisor Eastman Kodak Company

Safety Culture Change

This is one of CoreAdvantageSM's premier workshops covering many of the topics below. It reframes the value that Safety and Health brings to the workplace. It starts a process that creates a new larger and more positive vision for safety and health. Organizational barriers to safety excellence are identified and buy-in for the change is created. At the end, participants understand the need for change and what it looks like to have the needed management leadership and employee ownership to create safety and health excellence. The workshop is typically used to launch new S&H change efforts. See what former OSHA Assistant Secretary, Charles Jeffress, had to say about this workshop.

“The partnership between ConAgra, the United Food and Commercial Workers, and OSHA may never have moved forward but for your successful development and deployment of this tool for effecting a transformation of the safety and health culture of an organization, from top management, to line supervisors, to rank and file employees.”

—Charles N. Jeffress, Former Assistant Secretary of Labor

S&H Management Systems

This course uses the VPP model of excellence to cover what safety and health management systems are, their benefits, and what it takes to become and maintain your OSHA Star VPP status. Taught by a former OSHA VPP Program Manager, you’ll receive key insights into what sites that have been recognized as having world-class systems are doing and how they got there.

M&M Game

demonstrates how engaging in short cuts (At Risk Behavior) is the foundation of accident causation. While in the short term, short cuts may save a little time or make the task a little easier; in the long haul over a lifetime in the workplace it almost guarantees an injury or illness. It’s a matter of when not if. As a result of the experience, participants learn that their own actions either remove themselves or place themselves at risk for an injury or illness. Their new found awareness allows for more responsible decision making, will encourage them to fix and or report hazards, and will empower team members to begin providing corrective and supportive feedback to one another.

What would your Loved-ones Want?

This exercise focuses the participants on the reality of the potential consequences of their at risk behavior. When you become grounded with the potential prices that you and your loved ones will pay should you become injured or ill, it becomes much easier to make more responsible choices. Participants have reported that they have made significant positive changes in their lives as a result of this extremely impactful exercise.

My Needs or Your Needs

In this exercise we explore, at a deep level, the familiar concept of WIN-WIN. In an interactive experiential simulation participants get to experience just how they operate when they perceive that they are in a competitive environment. Do they really choose courses of action based on WIN-WIN or do they see that their personal needs are met first. This is an incredibly powerful team building exercise.

Mine Field

challenges teams to navigate their way successfully through a minefield. Planning, leadership, focus and communication skills are a must. Participants gain valuable knowledge regarding working together in teams and supporting one another. As in business, when the group is clear in what they need to accomplish, they collaborate and support one another, they stay focused, and maintain flexibility, and successful outcomes are produced.

Behavior-based Observation and Feedback

If you’re looking to implement a behavior-based safety and health program then this class is for you. We will cover the principles of behavior observation and feedback. You’ll be able to analyze your incidents, identify key behaviors, create an observation form, conduct observations, provide coaching and feedback, and track data in order to drive continuous improvement.

Behavior-based Job Safety Analysis

This course covers Job Safety Analysis with a new twist. We add behavior analysis to the JSA process so that in the end you not only have a detailed description of the critical task but also a list of critical at risk behaviors to avoid. This feeds and supports an observation and feedback program.

Personal Coaching and Mentoring

Personal coaching and mentoring are an excellent way to assure that change occurs and occurs at the speed that you desire. A winning athlete depends on a coach for support, encouragement, energy, focus and a strategy for improved performance. A professional coach can bring the same benefits to your life. They can help you develop a plan for achieving what you want from your career and personal life. Professional Coaching gives you the power to see past the clutter and confusion that may be limiting your success. By working with you on a personalized basis, challenging you to stay on track and to stay committed to your own success you can create exciting and incredible results.

Teams and Team Skills

A number of customized work shops are offered covering everything from what are teams, how best to utilize them, to critical team skills such as:

  • Creating Vision and Clarity of Purpose
  • Meeting Management
  • Decision Making
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Process Improvement
  • Breakthrough Strategy
  • Process Mapping

If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask us about it. We will are willing to create and customize training for you. Give us a call.