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Performance Measurement

Have you ever wondered what it would take to ensure that audits are accomplished in a timely manner? How can I solve support and attendance for our safety committee meetings or training? Or, how can I increase managements’ visibility in the safety process or create greater front line employee ownership?

Perhaps you need to examine what you are measuring.

Creating Measures

The single greatest flaw that organizations make when creating metrics is not taking the time to develop the right mix that is aligned with the organizations goals and objectives. Rather metrics are used because they are easy to measure and have been traditionally used (OSHA rates). In short they don’t provide site specific performance information that is needed to ensure that the right things and are being done the right way.

The most important factors that go into creating measures are ensuring that the measures are specific to your site needs. They need to measure key performance areas that if accomplished will ensure your success, accomplish your goals and, will drive improvement.

Creating a good mix of measures requires the identification of the absolutes that must occur and the areas that need to improve. Create a balanced mix of bottom line performance measures and upstream leading indicators. Keep your eye on the performance measures but drive the system with the leading indicators. Once you have good data, Manage by the Numbers!

How can we help?

Our assessments will provide you the clarity needed to identify the key areas that need to improve. From here we will facilitate and guide you in the selection of the right suite of Key Performance Indicators. Our SafePath Dashboards can also be used to display your data for the organization to see and manage to. More on SafePath Dashboards.

With the right mix of indicators, you will drive alignment around safety and continuous improvement at the same time.